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Arty's Sculpture Trail

Arty's Sculpture Trail at Eastbrookend Country Park

Arty's Sculpture Trail is a nature trail that loops through Eastbrookend Country Park, Romford, Essex. The Trail is based on the Arty stories by Irina Goncherenko & Liliana Hristova. You can read more about the book series by visiting the Books by MILE website.

Where is Eastbrookend Country Park?

📍Eastbrookend Country Park

The Chase

Dagenham Road




The trail starts and ends at the Discovery Centre. The trail starts with Robin Rue’s sculpture next to the Discovery Centre.

Arty's Sculpture Trail Eastbrookend Country Park

Arty's Sculpture Trail Cost

Arty's Sculpture Trail is completely FREE! There is also free parking at Eastbrookend Country Park, making this a great free day out in Essex. If you are looking for more cheap days out in Essex, we have over 50 parks and playgrounds listed on this Guide.

If you wish you can collect a map or activity pack from the Discovery Centre for a small charge. Maps cost £1. Activity packs cost £7.99.

The circular trail has rubbing posts so take a crayon and paper to collect the rubbings.

Nature Trail at Eastbrookend Country Park
Nature Trail at Eastbrookend Country Park

Eastbrookend Country Park Playground

The playground at Easbrookend Country Park is suitable for toddlers and children up to junior age. There is a smaller climbing frame, ride on equipment and swings including baby swings and tandem swings for toddler aged children.

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Last Updated May 2024


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