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Great Baddow Recreation Ground, Chelmsford

Great Baddow Recreation Ground contains football, basketball, netball, table tennis and tennis facilities.The Rec also contains two playgrounds, making it suitable for toddlers as well as children.

 Where is Great Baddow Recreation Ground?

📍 Great Baddow Recreation Ground



Great Baddow Recreation Ground Playground
Toddler Play Area at Great Baddow Rec

🅿️ Parking - Where to park for Great Baddow Rec

Free parking in car park ⁣

🛝 Playground at Great Baddow Rec

There are two play areas at Great Baddow Recreation Ground.

The toddler play area is suitable for children under 6. The playground is enclosed. There is a climbing frame with slide, ride on equipment, seesaw, slide, pirate ship and swings including a sweet bear swing! The playground is bright and there are lots of prompts on the floor.

The playground for older children has a large climbing frame and spinning swings.

There is no accessible play equipment.

Playground at Great Baddow Rec
Playground at Great Baddow Rec

Where to eat and drink at Great Baddow Rec?

There are no catering facilities.

Are there toilets at Great Baddow Rec?

There are public toilets at Great Bddow Recreation Ground. There are no accessible toilets or baby change.

What else is there at Great Baddow Rec?

There are playing fields and a duck pond at Great Baddow Rec.

Playground at Great Baddow Rec

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🛝 Playground ✅

☕ Cafe ❌

ℹ Visitor Centre/Shop ❌

🚻 Toilets ✅

♿ Accessible ❌ - accessible parking only

🪑 Picnic Tables ✅

🐶 Dog Friendly ✅

30 minutes - 1 hour

Post last updated February 2024


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