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Chelmer Park, Chelmsford

The twistiest slides in Essex 🛝

Where is Chelmer Park

📍 Chelmer Park



(Follow signs for Hockey Club)

🅿️ Parking - Where to park for Chelmer Park

Free parking in a large car park ⁣

Maximum 3 hours parking

What equipment is at Chelmer Park?

To reach the playgrounds from the large car park you head past the hockey pitches and outdoor gym. Cross over the fields and head towards the hills.

There are two playgrounds. One is a very small, enclosed playground with two individual baby swings and a climbing frame suitable for children up to two.

The larger playground has lots of climbing equipment. It is enclosed and suitable for children up to 8 years old. The playground has interesting climbing frames with monkey bars, interactive play equipment and a slide. There is round swinging equipment.


There is also a slide on one side of the hill and two extremely twisty, orange slides on the other side of the hill. The slides are not suitable for under 5s. Even over 5s should treat with caution, they really throw you around!

What else is at Chelmer Park?

There is also a community orchard and wooded areas to explore.

Playing Fields at Chelmer Park

There is a lot of space here including large, open playing fields.

Where to eat and drink at Chelmer Park

There are no catering facilities at Chelmer Park

Are there toilets at Chelmer Park?

Toilets close to Cricket Ground - not near playground

Other playgrounds close to Chelmer Park

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🛝 Playground ✅

☕ Cafe ✅

ℹ Visitor Centre/Shop ❌

🚻 Toilets ✅

♿ Accessible ❌

🪑 Picnic Tables ✅

🐶 Dog Friendly ✅

30 minutes - 1 hour

Post last updated October 2023


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