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Stanway Lakelands Centre, Colchester

The Stanway Lakelands Community Centre has great faculties including a cafe, inclusive playground, sensory room and full Changing Places facility.

Where is the playground Stanway Lakelands Centre?

📍Stanway Lakelands Centre

2 Western Approach




Playground at Stanway Lakelands Centre
Playground at Stanway Lakelands Centre

🅿️ Parking - Where to park at Stanway Lakelands Centre

There is a car park with free car parking at Stanway Lakelands Centre

What play equipment is there at Stanway Lakelands Centre?

This inclusive playground has lots to offer! There is a large sandpit with a wooden climbing frame running through it. The climbing frame has slides, variously climbs and a ramp. Other equipment includes swings, ride on equipment and roundabout.

Sandpit at Stanway Lakelands Centre
Sandpit at Stanway Lakelands Centre

Lakelands Centre Colchester
Lakelands Centre

The play area is not enclosed, and next to a car park. There are picnic tables and benches around the play area.

Inclusive play equipment at Stanway Lakelands Centre

There are a variety of swings including accessible swings and nest swings. There is also a floor trampoline. There is sensory and musical play equipment.

Summer Holiday Events at Stanway Lakelands Centre 🌞

Activities suitable for children aged 4-12

Inflatable Days are 1 hour sessions

Soft Play Bus 30 minute Sessions

First session of every activity is SEN HOUR- reduced numbers

The Sensory Room at Stanway Lakelands Cente

Small sensory room with lights and bubbles available to drop into inside the centre, no pre-booking required. Best for babies to toddler age.

Are there toilets at Stanway Lakelands Centre?

Toilets (including accessible and baby change) inside leisure centres. There are full Changing Places toilets.

Is there a cafe at Stanway Lakelands Cente?

There is a cafe inside the leisure centre. There is hot and cold food and drinks. Tea is served in proper tea sets which is a lovely touch! I also had a cheese scone which was brilliant.

Other playgrounds close to Stanway Lakelands Cente?

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🛝 Playground ✅

☕ Cafe ✅

ℹ Visitor Centre/Shop ❌

🚻 Toilets ✅

♿ Accessible ✅

🪑 Picnic Tables ✅

🐶 Dog Friendly ✅

30 minutes - 1 hour

Post last updated June 2024


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