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Victoria Park, Basildon

The Victoria Park playground has a brilliant, unique space/astronaut theme!

Where is the Victoria Park Space playground?

📍 Victoria Park



SS16 6RN

🅿️ Parking - Where to park for the Victoria Park Space Playground

No car park

On street parking on Victoria Road

Victoria Park Playground
Victoria Park Playground

Space Playground in Basildon
Space Playground in Basildon!

How to find the Victoria Park playground

Enter the park via the black gates on Victoria Road.

Continue along the path, passing the allotments.

The path bends over to the left, where you will find the playground.

What equipment is a the Victoria Park playground?

A playground for kids of all ages! Children will love the large climb on rocket. There are several rocket themed climbing frames suitable for toddlers, pre schoolers and older children. There are swings also a climb on vehicle. There are plenty of interesting space facts dotted around the playground. This playground is not enclosed.

Where to eat and drink at Victoria Park?

The closest catering option is The Four Seasons pub on Victoria Road. This is a Hungry House chain pub.

Are there toilets at Victoria Park?

There are no toilets

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🛝 Playground ✅ ☕ Cafe ❌ ℹ Visitor Centre/Shop ❌ 🚻 Toilets ❌ ♿ Accessible ❌no accessible parking, facilitates, limited accessible play equipment 🪑 Picnic Tables ✅ 🐶 Dog Friendly ✅ Spend 30 minutes - 1 hour Post last updated June 2024


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