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Westley Heights, Basildon

We recently visited this beautiful nature reserve, which also has a small woodland play area.

Where is Westley Heights?

📍Westley Heights

Langdon Hills Country Park


SS16 5LT

🅿️ Parking - Where to park for Westley Heights Playground

Free parking in car park ⁣

Where is the playground at Westley Heights, Langdon Hills Country Park?

There is a natural play area close to the car park.

What playground equipment is there at Westley Heights, Langdon Hills Country Park?

It has a variety of wooden and rope equipment for climbing and balancing such as log piles and bridges. There is a nest swing and lots of picnic benches around the play area.

There are also a few wooden carved animals dotted around the play area.

Some of the equipment, such as the zipwire, has been removed, which is a great shame. The play area isn't the best woodland play area we've come across but has a few pieces of equipment to keep children interested before or after a walk!

Walking trails at Westley Heights, Langdon Hills Country Park

This country park is great for families as it has wide gravel paths, making it buggy friendly and accessible for wheelchair users.

Are there toilets at Westley Heights?

There are no toilets at Westley Heights

Are there catering facilities at Westley Heights?

There is no cafe or catering at Westley Heights.

Is Westley Heights, Langdon Hills Country Park dog friendly?


Other playgrounds close to Westley Heights, Langdon Hills Country Park?

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🛝 Playground ✅

☕ Cafe ❌

ℹ Visitor Centre/Shop ❌

🚻 Toilets ❌

♿ Accessible ❌

🪑 Picnic Tables ✅

🐶 Dog Friendly ✅

30 minutes - 1 hour

Post last updated October 2023


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