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Rayne Park, Braintree

Rayne Park is a great playground in the lovely village of Rayne, Braintree. The park is located next to Rayne Village Hall, where there is free parking. There is lots of open space on the playing fields. The playground has lots of interesting equipment and suits toddlers to junior aged children.

Where is Rayne Park?

📍 Rayne Village Hall



CM77 6TX

🅿️ Parking - Where to park Rayne Village Playground

Free parking in car park

Rayne Park Playground

The playground in Rayne Park is primarily wooden. There is a focus on climbing and balancing equipment - balancing beams, climbing triangles, bridges and climbing walls. There are climbing frames with slides for toddlers and older children too. There are also spinning and rotating play equipment.

Rayne Park Trim Trail

Rayne Park has lots to do! As well as the great playground, there is the Rayne Village hall Trim Trail, which features equipment including swing bars, ladder walk, balance beams and hurdles.

Skate Ramp and Pump Track at Rayne Park

There is a skate ramp and pump track at Rayne Park for skateboard and bike lovers.

Where to eat and drink at Rayne Park?

Thre is no cafe at Rayne Park.

Closest food and drink - The Swan Public House

I recommend checking out The Booking Hall Cafe, which is a 10 minute walk or 5 minute drive away. The quirky cafe is in an old railway station! The Booking Hall Cafe serve a good selection of hot and cold drinks, and food including great sandwiches.

Are there toilets at Rayne Park

There are no public toilets

Other playgrounds close to Rayne Park


🛝 Playground ✅

☕ Cafe ❌

ℹ Visitor Centre/Shop ❌

🚻 Toilets ❌

♿ Accessible ❌

🪑 Picnic Tables ✅

🐶 Dog Friendly ❌

30 minutes - 1 hour

Post last updated April 2024


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