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Wolsey Park Play Area, Rayleigh

The Wolsey Park Play Area is a great, interesting play ground, situated on a newly built housing estate in Rayleigh. A great addition to the playgrounds in Rayleigh!

Where is Wolsey Park Play Area?

📍Wolsey Park Play Area



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🅿️ Parking - Where to park at Wolsey Park Play Area?

There is no car park. On street parking available on surrounding residential streets.

Playground at Wolsey Park Play Area

The playground at Wolsey Park has Play equipment for children of all ages. The play area has two enclosed sections, which are linked.

The play area for older children has swings including a nest swing, climbing poles, balancing equipment and a merry-go-round.

The play area for a smaller children has a climbing frame and ride on equipment.

The playground equipment and flooring are in excellent condition. There are benches inside the play areas.

Where to eat and drink at Wolsey Park

There are no catering facilities at Wolsey Park

Are there toilets at Wolsey Park

There are no toilets at Wolsey Park

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🛝 Playground


Visitor Centre/Shop

🚻 Toilets


🪑 Picnic Tables ✅

🐶 Dog Friendly ❌

⏰ 30 minutes - 1 hour

Last Updated July 2024


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