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Colchester Castle Park is getting a NEW Playground!

The play area at Colchester Castle Park is getting a revamp! Colchester Council have revealed that the play area at Castle Park will be refurbished. Colchester Council are seeking the views of the people of Essex on the redesign.

Where is Colchester Castle Park?

Castle Park is located centrally in the city of Colchester, Essex.

📍 Colchester Castle Park High Street



The current play area at Colchester Castle park is split into different sections. There is an enclosed sandpit play area contains wooden ship themed play equipment. There are sand diggers, climbing frames, slides, balance equipment, seesaw and a wobble board. There is seating around the sandpit.

Sandpit play area at Colchester Castle Park
Sandpit play area at Colchester Castle Park

There is another playground next to the sand area. The play area is open. There are two ziplines, a large castle themed climbing frame with slides and lots of rope climbs and a separate spiral slide.

Castle themed play area
Castle themed climbing frame

There are several different types of swings catering for babies to teenagers. There is also some toddler playground equipment including a smaller climbing frame with slides, roundabout, balancing equipment, ride on jeep and trampoline.

The play areas are overlooked by lots of picnic tables, benches and a large grass area.

Spiral slide at Colchester Castle Park
Spiral slide at Colchester Castle Park

When will the refurbishment of Colchester Castle Park take place?

Construction of the new playground is set to begin by the end of September 2025, and the playground is scheduled to open in November 2025.

Have your say in the redesign! Colchester Council are inviting the views of the people of Essex in relation to the play area. What play equipment would you like to see at Castle Park? Are there any play features you would love to keep?

Workshops with Colchester residents will also be held for further feedback. Consultations will run until 4th August 2024. CLICK HERE to take part in the survey. Survery participants will be entered into a competition to win a family ticket to Colchester Castle or Putt in the Park

You can read more about Colchester Castle Park by visiting our Castle Park Playground Guide.

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